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Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council

The 'Tenth Anniversary of Lottery Funding Celebration Dinner' was a prestigious event that attracted 150 guests from across the public, private and voluntary sectors from the Borough and nationally.

Art for Conferences commissioned conceptual poet Ira Lightman to produce a highly innovative and interactive piece - 'Lottery Dice'.

The work was based on the notion of mishearing lottery numbers, for example, 'one' = 'won', 'three' = 'free', 'four' = 'for', etc. Each guest was given a set of five poker dice in a transparent pack, each face of each die having numbers printed onto them and curves sweeping across the corners. Some of the curves had Lightman's mishearing of the numbers and some were blank.

After a performance of his specially devised poem, guests were invited to write on the blank spaces of their five dice to produce their own poem and/or their own mishearing of a number(s).